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This journal is mostly friends only. Picspams and travel recaps are public, but television reviews, general fandom squee, misc real life posts, memes and everything else will be locked. If you want to read my public posts on your friends page you can friend me here. If you'd like to read the friends only entries and/or you want me to add you back you can comment to this entry.

No comment is no add back.

I love new friends, a few requirements are I that I know you from somewhere and/or we have similair interests and you actually update your journal. However, because of the size of my flist I won't be automatically adding everyone back. If we've never spoken, you did not add me first but your journal is entirely friends only (which means I can't read anything about you) or we don't have anything in common, chances are I'd like to get to know your better before I add you back (by chatting in comments, reading your entries, etc.).

(If I've defriended you: That's likely because your journal is not updated any longer, we haven't spoken in months and/or we no longer have any common interests. This is nothing personal, of course, and if you come back to Livejournal and you wish to be added again you can leave a comment here and I will gladly reconsider)


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