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Say what you will but the Tenth Doctor's final two parter was epic. And heartbreaking. And while there were of course a few ridiculously written bits in the episodes overall the story was just fantastic. The last episode gave a proper closure to a lot of things and was I suppose a suiting ending for this very human version of the Doctor. I am not quite ready to let go of him just yet, which is probably why I spent the past day(s) writing my review for both parts of The End of Time (which actually turned into a picture and quote spam). It was nice rewatching the episodes a few times for that though.

Anyway, if you've seen both parts already have a look. And if you'd like discuss the episode please drop a comment as I'd love to talk about the The End of Time with fellow weeping fans. Anything to postpone the inevitable ending just a little longer, yeah? ♥

'This is the Doctor and now the end of time is nigh. The Master is in control, the Time Lords are returning and it's time to face the final battle...' )
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In honour of the start of the Tenth Doctor's final two-parter next week - The End of Time - I wanted to make a picspam of his most memorable scenes/episodes. It took a lot longer to make than I expected (though obviously it was no punishment having to rewatch all these episodes again to get the quotes to match the pictures), but I am fairly certain I managed to include all the moments that impressed me the most while watching them the first time around. The ones that made me laugh the hardest, cry the most and broke my heart. Ten is my Doctor and I will really miss him :(

Molto Bene! Allons-y! )
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Guys, in a little over a month it's Christmas! So I figured I'd make this post again as last year's Christmas music sharing meme was such a success. I know it may be a bit early, but I already saw quite a few Christmas card posts pop on my flist (I have them all bookmarked and will get to them soon, promise!), which is why I went ahead and posted this. Besides, one can never have too much (Christmas) music, right? ^_^

I know the picture is random, but I wanted something SPN and this was the only Christmas pic I could find...

'Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Participate! Share the Christmas/holiday squee!

You can leave comments with download links to however many songs you like (whole albums are fine too) as long as they're somehow Christmas related and/or get you in the holiday spirit.

If you don't have anything to share you can still join in on the fun. Feel free to download the songs other people post and be kind enough to leave them a comment to thank them for uploading their music.

Play nice, no bashing of other people's choice of songs.

PLEASE PIMP, PIMP, PIMP! This can be into your own journal or any communities you think suitable. That's the only way this will be a success and we can all expand our Christmas music collection. Thanks so much guys ♥

To link here you can copy the text below into your journal:

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Happy Birthday Zac! ♥ )
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Tune : Watching Flight of the Conchords

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Tune : Watching Masterchef Australia

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Tune : Watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Tune : Westlife - "When You're Looking Like That"

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Tune : Watching Torchwood: Children of Earth

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Tune : Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog OST - "A Man's Gotta Do"

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Tune : Doctor Who S3 OST - "This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home"

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And that's where I have been since, in Sydney that is (or North Parramatta to be precise, but that's all the same here in Australia, lol). I haven't done a whole lot while here: I went to the cinema with Jules, Gen, and Sherrie a bunch of times, played heaps and heaps of Guitar Hero, went to a Murder Mystery Party with Jules, played general catching up online and we're heading out for a concert of Wes Carr later today.

This Tuesday morning I am leaving for my 5 week long journey around both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, woah! When did time fly by so fast? I realised a few days ago that my year in Australia is pretty much over now. I'll only be back for a few days before going to the USA and then after that for a few hours at the airport waiting for my next flight. It's so bizarre how fast time suddenly flew by these past months...

I am not sure (again) what my Internet status will be when I am in New Zealand, but I'll do my best to log on at least every few days (and if any Comic Con news or whatever gets released, Ade text me!!). If anyone's interested to keep track of where I am: my itinerary for New Zealand is posted HERE and will likely be added on to when more stuff is planned/booked ^_^


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