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I haven't been posting as much as the first few days after I got Internet in Sydney again, but that's because I don't have a whole lot to tell (other than my travel recaps, on which I am way behind, still). I unfortunately don't have a job yet and at this point highly doubt I'll be able to find one in time for my final few weeks in Australia. Too little time, economic recession, etcetera. So instead I spent my time mostly planning/buying stuff for New Zealand, reading, Photoshopping (a few days ago I posted 60 Chris Pine, Zach Quinto & Glee icons HERE btw) and going to the movies (I have seen Star Trek 3 times now, and also saw Angels and Demons and Night at the Museum 2 in the last week or so--all of which I highly enjoyed).

This weekend was spent less boring though as I went over to [ profile] decadentdream's. We were supposed to go to a medieval fair but that was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. Nonetheless we had fun as we played heaps of Guitar Hero, omg we got so addicted, it was awesome! We really got better after a while and both managed to finish a song on the hard mode as well, we were so proud. We also watched a bunch of movies (Jules loves The Fall now too, yay mission accomplished!), went to a performance of a band called Stone Parade in the local shopping centre (they were pretty good), geeked out over Disney and the prospect of our upcoming holiday to the States and totally scoped out all the toys stores for Star Trek figures (the expensive Barbie ones are butt ugly, the regular action figures are alright--specifically Spock and McCoy really looks like the actors portraying the characters).

Recap time, continuing about my visit to Mel and with that Adelaide:

Full story and pictures behind the cut )

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Most of my spare time is still being consumed by planning my two month trip through Australia starting in about three weeks. Kinda freaking out over the fact that while the middle part of the trip is planned and booked, and I am pretty sure what I want to do after that, the first part is still an undecided mess... I hope I can make up my mind and book my stuff in the next few days so I can stop stressing out over this and start enjoying the prospect of my upcoming holidays. Once everything is semi-final I'll post an itinerary on here as well so you guys know what I am up to :)

By the way, because I am travelling for real soon I'll no longer be staying at the address in Sydney that was my home for the past 4 months, which means my postal address changes. As I won't have a steady address for March and April I can receive mail on a friend's address instead. I won't post it here but if you'd like it please let me know and I'll let you know in private. Please don't send anything to the Ultimo address anymore from now on (because with Australia Post being pretty crap I doubt it'll arrive before March). Thanks ♥

Recap: January part 3 - Blue Mountains and the Jenolan Caves )

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I had a lovely birthday yesterday. I had to work but my colleagues were very awesome (singing for me, baking me muffins, etc.) and I went out for dinner and a movie with Gen, Sherrie and Jess in the afternoon which was great. The movie was Bride Wars which wasn't the best movie ever but still alright. I love Anne Hathaway <3 I also received tons of birthday messages on LJ, Facebook and Twitter, and awesome cards and pressies in the mail, thanks so much everyone for making my day a little brighter ♥ Can't believe I am 25 now though, holy shit milestone age.

Alright, let's continue with my January recap. Because I have a ridiculous amount of pictures it's not the last part yet and I'll make another, separate update about the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves.

January recap 2: weekend trip to Tamworth followed by Australia Day )

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Tomorrow night after work I am going on surf camp with three of my awesome colleagues asadga;sdkasgdkga I am so excited!!! I'll probably not even be able to get on top of that damned board, but I am sure it'll be heaps of fun nonetheless. This does mean however I'll be laptop-less (and with that most likely Internet-less) for the entire weekend *gulp* So if there's anything going on you think I should know (pics of Zach in a new pink/striped/flowery shirt perhaps or the release of new info for the SDCC) please let me know here ^_^

For now, I finally managed to type up a recap of December which you can find with loads of pictures behind the cut. Have a great weekend everyone! ♥

December included trips to Kiama and Manly, Christmas and New Years Eve )

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November 15:

Got up early and (after rushing Julie :P) picked up Jenny. On our way to Glenworth Valley (Central Coast) the weather was terrible; it was raining hard and more often than not there was a thick curtain of fog obscuring our view. When we made it there however it was only drizzling a little bit and a lot of the fog had cleared up. There were still gorgeous puffs of fog which we could see when looking down the valley, it looked really mystical and I wish we had time to make pictures of it, but unfortunately we didn't as we didn't know how much further it would be to our destination and we only had about half an hour left.

Loads of pictures from this weekend (pretty lookouts, horseback riding, quad biking and the Australian Reptile Park) behind the cut )

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I finally came around to start updating about Canberra (maybe, one day I'll actually finish my Singapore entries so I can post them :P). I've already posted some pictures from the trip to [ profile] angleofview earlier this week, but there's a bunch more in this entry.

September 26:

Friday night I went straight from my job to Jules as we would be leaving fairly early on the Saturday morning. I think I arrived pretty late at her place as I don't really remember what we did that night except for raiding her CD collection for music to bring on the trip to Canberra (which mind you, would only last about 3 hours and we had like 15 CDs for it, lol).

September 27:

We went to Jenny's where I first tried on some dresses for the Murder Mystery Party next week (I know right, me in a dress? o_o) before we head off to Canberra. Just like every time I made a "road trip" through Canada I was in awe with the stunning views we saw along our way, and snapped a ton of pics from the car (in between us changing CDs and me and Jenny geeking out over Doctor Who whose season 4 finale was to be aired in Oz that weekend).

Rest of the entry behind the cut as it includes loads of pictures from sightseeing in Canberra, Floriade and a giant sheep... )


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