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And that's where I have been since, in Sydney that is (or North Parramatta to be precise, but that's all the same here in Australia, lol). I haven't done a whole lot while here: I went to the cinema with Jules, Gen, and Sherrie a bunch of times, played heaps and heaps of Guitar Hero, went to a Murder Mystery Party with Jules, played general catching up online and we're heading out for a concert of Wes Carr later today.

This Tuesday morning I am leaving for my 5 week long journey around both the North and South Islands of New Zealand, woah! When did time fly by so fast? I realised a few days ago that my year in Australia is pretty much over now. I'll only be back for a few days before going to the USA and then after that for a few hours at the airport waiting for my next flight. It's so bizarre how fast time suddenly flew by these past months...

I am not sure (again) what my Internet status will be when I am in New Zealand, but I'll do my best to log on at least every few days (and if any Comic Con news or whatever gets released, Ade text me!!). If anyone's interested to keep track of where I am: my itinerary for New Zealand is posted HERE and will likely be added on to when more stuff is planned/booked ^_^

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I haven't been posting as much as the first few days after I got Internet in Sydney again, but that's because I don't have a whole lot to tell (other than my travel recaps, on which I am way behind, still). I unfortunately don't have a job yet and at this point highly doubt I'll be able to find one in time for my final few weeks in Australia. Too little time, economic recession, etcetera. So instead I spent my time mostly planning/buying stuff for New Zealand, reading, Photoshopping (a few days ago I posted 60 Chris Pine, Zach Quinto & Glee icons HERE btw) and going to the movies (I have seen Star Trek 3 times now, and also saw Angels and Demons and Night at the Museum 2 in the last week or so--all of which I highly enjoyed).

This weekend was spent less boring though as I went over to [ profile] decadentdream's. We were supposed to go to a medieval fair but that was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. Nonetheless we had fun as we played heaps of Guitar Hero, omg we got so addicted, it was awesome! We really got better after a while and both managed to finish a song on the hard mode as well, we were so proud. We also watched a bunch of movies (Jules loves The Fall now too, yay mission accomplished!), went to a performance of a band called Stone Parade in the local shopping centre (they were pretty good), geeked out over Disney and the prospect of our upcoming holiday to the States and totally scoped out all the toys stores for Star Trek figures (the expensive Barbie ones are butt ugly, the regular action figures are alright--specifically Spock and McCoy really looks like the actors portraying the characters).

Recap time, continuing about my visit to Mel and with that Adelaide:

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Scenic train ride through the mountains to Kuranda National Park

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Lookout on Whiteheaven Beach, a famous beach on the Whitsunday Islands

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Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island (the largest sand island in the world)

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Last update for a bit because I leave Brisbane early tomorrow morning (I have to catch a bus a little after 6am, ugh) and I won't have internet for a while. First I am 'stuck' on an island for a couple of days, then I am going sailing for a few days and finally I'll hit the rainforest. All sounds terrible, right? ;) Anyway, here's the last Brisbane recap.

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March 4: I went to 'Steve Irwin's' Australia Zoo. To be honest I didn't expect a whole lot from it but it was surprisingly cool. The zoo itself was fairly small but there were different animals than in the zoos in the Netherlands so that was nice and also they had special parts where you could pet koalas and kangaroos which was just awesome. At one point I saw this little kangaroo a little further away and I just sat down next to it to cuddle it for a while which was just amazing!

They also had a cool show with various animals amongst which of course crocodiles. And several animals were brought around the park throughout the day to see closer-up and I even fed elephants!! I never did that at the zoos back home. All in all it was quite awesome.

Oh, and on the way back I say really cool mountains from the train. Some of the were normal (though bare) mountains, others were like snippets of rock, only really high.

I uploaded a ton of pictures from my day HERE but a selection can be found behind the cut.

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Hello from Brisbane! (or well Ashgrove as that is where I am currently staying). Having an awesome time so far, though it's really hot here (what did I expect really, they do call it the Sunshine State). Yesterday I went to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo where I pet koalas, kangaroos and even fed elephants! That was very awesome. But more about that later, in another post. I'l quickly write down below what I've been up to the last few days so I can share pictures :D

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