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My next week is going to be quite insane as I am basically spending my days either queuing/attending Cabin Pressure recordings or running from a job interview to a temp job to another job interview and more temp work and then I also have a few movie screenings and the Bafta preview + Q/A for Game of Thrones to cram into my days (my life, it is so hard). Anyway, I was getting pretty stressed about it and what I'd like to do best to clear my head is hike. I am not a sporty person at all but give me a hill or a mountain to climb with the promise of a beautiful view at the top and I am game (must be mountain envy because I am from a country known for being entirely flat XD). Sadly I am no longer living in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, instead I am living in a big city not particularly known for its scenic mountain ranges, but I read somewhere about "Primrose Hill" and figured it'd might be worth checking out. So on Saturday I spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring a part of London I had not been before. I started off in an area nicknamed Little Venice, where an arm of the Grand Union Canal meets Regent's Canal, wandered along Regent's Canal to Primrose Hill and Regent's Park and finally worked my way down to Queen Mary's Gardens. While not exactly comparable to the Blue Mountains or Whistler it was still a very nice walk and of course I took pictures along the way:

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I saw the second preview of Frankenstein at the National Theatre last night which had Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature and Johnny Lee Miller in the role of Victor Frankenstein. We sat in the second row from the front (towards the left which was the best spot imho as most of the stuff happened on that side) and had an absolutely brilliant view of the stage and actors. Now I won't say just yet if I hated or loved it, because that'd be spoilers (see Sandra, you can read your flist without getting spoiled!) but if you don't mind and are interested in a somewhat longish and detailed report of the show just click the cut.

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Obviously we made our way to the stage door afterwards and while waiting for Benedict we saw several people going in amongst which Alan Carr, Richard Curtis and Vinette Robinson (or Sally Sherlock as she was called as we didn't know her real name *hangs head in shame*). During the wait for Ben I managed to get signatures from Mark Gatiss and Catherine Tate again (as Season's Greetings is still running) and I got my Frankenstein programme signed by George Harris (also Kingsley Shacklebolt in Harry Potter) and Karl Johnson. Also saw Rebecca Hall come out but did not have anything for her to get signed (next time I'm bringing a notebook!). When Sally Sherlock Vinette came out I asked if I could have a picture with her which seemed to take her completely by surprise but she did not seem to mind, so yay that's the fifth Sherlock actor in my collection! I really regretted not having my DVD on me though as she would've been a cool addition on it as well (will not stagedoor without it again!).

Benedict came out at about 11.15 and was looking visibly tired after his performance. It was very sweet of him that he came out at all as he left his bike helmet inside and after he was done signing things disappeared through another exit so he solely came out of the stage door for the people waiting on him <3 I got my programme signed as well as my copy of Equity magazine with him on the cover and when we asked for a picture he said he'd rather not because he was tired, which was completely understandable. Highly annoying though were the people who still begged him for one as, polite as he is, he obliged to a few (though with obvious hesitation shown on his face and with each picture backing more towards the door).

Also, just to show how physical the role of the Creature actually is (or how serious Benedict takes his role - as I have obviously got no idea how Johnny will perform it): as a result of the crawling around and extreme and awkward movements that come with the performance of the character he has cuts on his feet and legs and last night alone popped two joints in his wrist and had a back spasm! Or as he summarised it "Suffering for Danny Boyle". It's very admirable that he continues to give such a physical performance regardless, but poor guy <3
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Sherlock (yes the new BBC adaptation everyone is raving about): I just LOVE the characterisations of Sherlock and Watson in this one. Sherlock is so unintentionally hilarious, it's brilliant. And while it's a modern day version of the famous detective stories I find it pretty accurate with what I know of it as well. Even thought we haven't seen nearly enough of Lestrade and Moriarty and the storylines in particularly the second episode and partly the third left something to be desired I am completely drawn in by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's portrayals of the iconic characters (and undoubting Steven Moffat and co's mostly fantastic writing). I find it difficult to put into words just how much I enjoyed these episodes, so let's just say A LOT. However, I can not believe they left it where they did and we'll likely have to wait at least another year on the new series! Having only three episodes to rewatch obsessively is hardly enough to bridge that huge gap :(

Bonus: Benedict Cumberbatch being very close with David Tennant.

The Big Bang Theory: I have been flailing about this show on Twitter while watching all three seasons in a couple of weeks time, but I don't think I've mentioned on here yet how completely obsessed with it I've become in the last month or two. Despite not particularly liking Sheldon (I know 99.9% of TBBT fandom will disagree with me on that one) I have to admit the "Bazinga", *Knock. Knock. Knock.* "Penny?" and all his amazing one-liners ("I cry because others are stupid and that makes me sad." "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested." "If I'm permitted to speak again, Dr Sheldon Cooper for the win!") are at the core of the comedy in this series and I do love him for that. But as a character his lack of social skills make him kind of annoying and I feel much more drawn to Leonard (who I think is absolutely adorable <3 Even though I don't find the actor appealing at all - must be the geek glasses), Raj and even Howard and all his crazy womanising antics. And I finally understand all the icons talking about "rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock", yay! As I've been pretty much ignoring everything TBBT for the past few years because I didn't think I'd like it (how wrong I was) I have no clue who else loves this show, so let me know in the comments because I need to discuss and flail with you guys!

In the mean time, look at this amazing photoshoot I came across:

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