Mar. 8th, 2009

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March 4: I went to 'Steve Irwin's' Australia Zoo. To be honest I didn't expect a whole lot from it but it was surprisingly cool. The zoo itself was fairly small but there were different animals than in the zoos in the Netherlands so that was nice and also they had special parts where you could pet koalas and kangaroos which was just awesome. At one point I saw this little kangaroo a little further away and I just sat down next to it to cuddle it for a while which was just amazing!

They also had a cool show with various animals amongst which of course crocodiles. And several animals were brought around the park throughout the day to see closer-up and I even fed elephants!! I never did that at the zoos back home. All in all it was quite awesome.

Oh, and on the way back I say really cool mountains from the train. Some of the were normal (though bare) mountains, others were like snippets of rock, only really high.

I uploaded a ton of pictures from my day HERE but a selection can be found behind the cut.

Australia Zoo and Warner Brothers Movie World pictures )


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