May. 25th, 2009

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I haven't been posting as much as the first few days after I got Internet in Sydney again, but that's because I don't have a whole lot to tell (other than my travel recaps, on which I am way behind, still). I unfortunately don't have a job yet and at this point highly doubt I'll be able to find one in time for my final few weeks in Australia. Too little time, economic recession, etcetera. So instead I spent my time mostly planning/buying stuff for New Zealand, reading, Photoshopping (a few days ago I posted 60 Chris Pine, Zach Quinto & Glee icons HERE btw) and going to the movies (I have seen Star Trek 3 times now, and also saw Angels and Demons and Night at the Museum 2 in the last week or so--all of which I highly enjoyed).

This weekend was spent less boring though as I went over to [ profile] decadentdream's. We were supposed to go to a medieval fair but that was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. Nonetheless we had fun as we played heaps of Guitar Hero, omg we got so addicted, it was awesome! We really got better after a while and both managed to finish a song on the hard mode as well, we were so proud. We also watched a bunch of movies (Jules loves The Fall now too, yay mission accomplished!), went to a performance of a band called Stone Parade in the local shopping centre (they were pretty good), geeked out over Disney and the prospect of our upcoming holiday to the States and totally scoped out all the toys stores for Star Trek figures (the expensive Barbie ones are butt ugly, the regular action figures are alright--specifically Spock and McCoy really looks like the actors portraying the characters).

Recap time, continuing about my visit to Mel and with that Adelaide:

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