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I wish I had time right now to make a really big picspam like I have done for this occassion for the past 3 years, but since I'm moving to London in two weeks from today (yes, I am freaking out) I unfortunately lack the time for this (the fact my laptop died a few weeks ago and all my pictures are scattered on discs and external harddrives doesn't really help either). So instead of a dial up killing picspam a smaller one consisting of some of my favourite Zach related pictures, videos and quotes.

(large pictures are thumbnails, just click on them for the full size. Please don't hotlink, etc.)

"My favourite sin is lust."

"I was very rarely seen last year without my giant black glasses. My hair I could usually muss it up. I underestimated the impact of that haircut. It engendered a sense of alienation in me personally, which probably influenced the part."

"Moon! Moon! Moon!"

"Self-awareness is something that I value greatly, and I spend a fair amount of time cultivating it."

"Eleanor is a good dog! I love you Eleanor!"

"Why is it the pastries in this town all have names like prostitutes?" - AP

"I met Leonard Nimoy in the elevator the day they announced the movie. He turned to me and said, 'You have no idea what you're in store for' and then walked away."

"Anyone read some of the posts on the site linked with the other pics? Man a lot of NON Trek people (Women I think… maybe men) Drooling over Quinto as Spock. This has to be good for opening day! Even if they are men drooling over him… IDIC people IDIC."
- from a website that linked to the first pictures from Zach as Spock I posted on my blog

"Ring of death..."

My previous Zachary Quinto picspams can be found HERE.

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