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I should probably start with explaining that I started watching Misfits a few weeks ago (a brilliant British show that all of you should check out btw!) and coincidentally just after I joined the main LJ-community for it I saw a post that the cast would be doing a Q/A at the Apple store in Regent Street. Sounds awesome, yes? Of course I went to check it out. And I met some lovely, lovely girls who's LJ-names I don't remember by heart at the moment other than [ profile] rabbitfacts and we happily chatted away the 3 hour wait (I didn't even get one third through my book and my initial plan was to finish it during the wait!) until the start of the Q/A. And we all scored front row seats, because we are awesome like that.

To not make this ramble too long I'll post some bullet points with some of the funny moments/comments made by the actors behind the cut. The full thing will be up on iTunes for free at some point so I'm not going through the trouble to decipher all my notes right now (I have so much to do before leaving for the Netherlands still…) for a full transcript. I've also made tons and tons of pictures from which I posted a small selection of reasonably okay ones behind the cut. They're not amazing because flash photography wasn't allowed (even though the lighting was flippin' purple!) and I uploaded them to Facebook which also resizes them, but I guess they're decent.

Oh and afterwards, while I was checking my e-mails at the Apple store, we saw a girl ran past us and in a moment of spontaneity we followed her and managed to catch the actors at a side entrance outside! It was brief and really busy but Lucy and I managed to get a pic with Iwan (sort of, I had to take it myself Ventimiglia style and I'm crap at that, but at least we're all three on it and Iwan looks adorable! ♥ Night was made, let me tell you that.

• To get the big question out of the way first: they did neither deny nor confirm the rumours of one of the actors leaving before the start of S3. All they said was that S3 was commissioned but that they didn't know who would be signed on, that it is out of their hands (though Iwan said he did know "a little bit" about the upcoming season and surprised not only us but seemingly also his fellow cast mates XD).

• Iwan is so flippin' adorable you guys, omg. At one point he was laughing at a comment made by Lauren ("Is Derby a city?") and it was so cute! I'm totally crushing on him. Badly. It doesn't help he's a musician too. Boy can do it all.

• Robert is as funny as Nathan. He also did the little dance move he did in the first episode of this season (you know the one) which I may or may not have taped to watch repeatedly before the whole thing will be posted on iTunes XD

• Iwan [about future!Simon]: "1 month before we started filming I was told to go to the gym. I was shocked but pleased and excited as this was fundamental for the character."

• Anthonia [about Simon/Alicia]: "It's quite exciting for my character. And we're good friends so that [the sex scenes] made it easier."

• Lauren [about the writer]: "He's brilliant, but a bit sick in the head." (ie. the gorilla sex)

• Nathan [about new love interest]: "It was nice doing someone new." (he realised only too late that came out wrong XD)

• Robert [after the others say the Hanson track in the car was his choice]: "I'm a huge Hanson fan! I can't tell which one is the boy and which one the girl."

• Robert: "When we were filming that scene on the boat I turned the other way to piss in a bottle but I mainly pissed on myself."

• Hilariously several times throughout the Q/A Lauren would comment on someone's jacket, handbag or hat naming the shop they got it from followed by "I got that one too". Haha.

• They confirmed that other than Iwan none of the actors are on Twitter. And Iwan only uses it for his music. Though anyone might be interested to know that Lauren's dog (called something like Finley Morgan Fucka Socha) has his own Facebook page.

• When asked what super power they want in real life, Lauren said she wants to be invisible to shop. And Antonia and Iwan answered at the same time "teleportation". Nathan wants to be a shape-shifter so he can change into Iwan and have his voice. Robert wants to be a sumo wrestler because apparently they can draw their testicles up at will. That, or the power of flight.

• Lauren [biggest blunder]: "I fell out of my trailer."

• Robert [also speaking of blunders]: "I was slightly hung-over and fell asleep in the wide shot right before I had to say my line."

• Antonia [most embarrassing to film]: "The bottle scene."

• Robert [most embarrassing to film]: "The granny scene. And Claire [the actress portraying the granny] spent the day teaching us interesting facts and about life which made it all the more weird when she was on top of me. And she fell off as well and banged her head on the night stand."

Please, please, PLEASE don't hotlink/repost/take the pictures (Tumblr I'm looking at you!), you know the drill.
They're not very good, but they're mine and I'd like to keep it that way. Ta!

Iwan whispering what he does know about S3, or pretending to at least XD

♥ ♥ ♥

(if anyone has any specific questions before the whole thing will be posted on iTunes, fire away!)

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