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• After being unsuccessful in grabbing free tickets to A Flea in her Ear at the Old Vic I finally managed to nab some earlier this week! Unfortunately it clashed with my plans of going to see I Am Number Four with Anneke (for which I also had free tickets) but since the theatre show is in its final weeks and the movie only in previews we eventually did decide to go to the theatre instead.

A Flea in her Ear is a farce with all the usual ingredients; over the top characters and situations, mistaken identities, sexual innuendos, etc. While the play has a bit of a slow start we spent most of the second act in stitches as it went from one ridiculous scene to the next and by the time the interval came around we were both saying how pleasantly surprised we were by how much we were enjoying the show. Unfortunately the third act was the complete opposite from what we had just seen and very few laughs were had. Overall it was an enjoyable play though (even more so because we didn't have to pay for it!) and we had a lot of fun debating whether two of the characters that look identical in the play were portrayed by the same actor or not. Anneke was convinced she's seen them on stage at the same time where I was certain that it was the same actor. However by the end of it even I was confused as character one leaped off stage and character two (dressed differently and coming from another entrance onto the stage) came back on what seemed only seconds later. All was cleared up though when I saw a poster outside saying "Tom Hollander is so wonderful they cast him twice!"

• In other news: I have a temp job. It's sadly not working for the make-up department at the National Theatre (as advertised on their website) and not even remotely related to the publishing or journalism industries. Plus it's only for two weeks and a mere five hours each day at that. But it's *something* and it means I will get a much-needed income right about the time I have been seriously contemplating giving up on my dream of permanently living in the UK. I am not out of the woods by any means, but at least it's a postponement of having to make that agonising decision.

• Also, because I am ever so slightly obsessed I had to make icons as soon as the first Frankenstein pictures trickled in yesterday. Admittedly I really should stop with these six month or longer gaps between my icon making sprees as it proved to be a lot more effort to produce only these 20 icons than I'm used to and they're not even that great (plus I had to break open my old laptop as all my Photoshop resources were still hiding out on that hard drive!). Ah well, hopefully I'll get into the swing of things again soon.

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I haven't been posting as much as the first few days after I got Internet in Sydney again, but that's because I don't have a whole lot to tell (other than my travel recaps, on which I am way behind, still). I unfortunately don't have a job yet and at this point highly doubt I'll be able to find one in time for my final few weeks in Australia. Too little time, economic recession, etcetera. So instead I spent my time mostly planning/buying stuff for New Zealand, reading, Photoshopping (a few days ago I posted 60 Chris Pine, Zach Quinto & Glee icons HERE btw) and going to the movies (I have seen Star Trek 3 times now, and also saw Angels and Demons and Night at the Museum 2 in the last week or so--all of which I highly enjoyed).

This weekend was spent less boring though as I went over to [ profile] decadentdream's. We were supposed to go to a medieval fair but that was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. Nonetheless we had fun as we played heaps of Guitar Hero, omg we got so addicted, it was awesome! We really got better after a while and both managed to finish a song on the hard mode as well, we were so proud. We also watched a bunch of movies (Jules loves The Fall now too, yay mission accomplished!), went to a performance of a band called Stone Parade in the local shopping centre (they were pretty good), geeked out over Disney and the prospect of our upcoming holiday to the States and totally scoped out all the toys stores for Star Trek figures (the expensive Barbie ones are butt ugly, the regular action figures are alright--specifically Spock and McCoy really looks like the actors portraying the characters).

Recap time, continuing about my visit to Mel and with that Adelaide:

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